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campus housing
campus housing

To obtain an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) accommodation for university housing, I can help you with what is typically needed. Because the process with a university can be lengthy, requiring lots of documentation, you will need to be prepared to supply the appropriate information. I charge a higher fee than normal to assist with this paperwork, simply because the documentation that universities require can be much more extensive.

It does NOT matter where your university is located, but as a student, you will need to have a primary address in Texas in order for me to be able to help you. I am licensed for the State of Texas and can provide mental health provider services to those with a primary address in Texas. You can find out more about me here.

Here are some general steps when working with your university:

Contact University Disability Services:

Reach out to your university’s disability services office. They are usually responsible for handling accommodation requests, including those related to emotional support animals. You can simply google the name of your your university and include the words “ESA Housing”

Documentation from a Mental Health Professional:

I am happy to help with the documentation that is necessary from a licensed mental health professional in Texas. The documentation will clearly state the necessity of having an emotional support animal for your mental health needs.

Provide Detailed Information:

Prepare a written request that includes specific details about why you need an emotional support animal, how it will assist you, and why this accommodation is necessary for your well-being. I will help you through this process as well.

Submit Request to Disability Services:

Submit your request, along with the documentation, to the disability services office. Ensure that you follow their specific procedures for requesting accommodations.

Engage in the Interactive Process:

Be prepared to engage in an interactive process with the disability services office and myself. They may have questions or need additional information to assess and process your request. It is important that we stay in contact with each other in-between our appointments. Here is my contact information.

Wait for Approval:

The university will review your request, and if approved, they will provide you with information on the next steps, including any specific guidelines or policies related to having an emotional support animal in university housing. As a rule, a response from the university can take up to 10 days. Always stay in touch with me throughout the process.

Follow Any Additional Requirements:

Be aware of and comply with any additional requirements or rules set by the university regarding emotional support animals in housing. Remember that the specific procedures and requirements may vary from one university to another, so it’s crucial to check with your university’s disability services office for their guidelines and processes. Be sure to keep written records of all documents, communication, and keep me in the loop as needed.

If you need help with obtaining an ESA or PSA accommodation for you and your animal, go here to book an appointment and complete the intake.

Emotional Support Animals of Texas
Emotional Support Animals of Texas
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