Disability and Accommodations

A big part of my practice is also helping clients with a variety of disability needs. Sometimes individuals need reasonable accommodations in order to function fully in life, and, have fair access to housing, work, and education. Because nobody’s needs and situation are ever the exact same, I try to curate and cater to each situation, all the while building relationships with my clients through clinical assessments, counseling, and necessary paperwork. The process can sometimes be complex, therefore we often need to work with different professionals to triangulate any legal implications, treatment options, and medical history. It is not unusual for me to connect with other medical providers, state and federal agencies, housing managers, university disability services, workplace HR, or lawyers. And, it is not uncommon for other healthcare providers in the community to refer clients to me for assistance. It is sometimes necessary to partner with other multidisciplinary entities in order to find a reasonable treatment and accommodation solution.

Below are just a few examples of the types of accommodation needs I have helped with:

    • Changes to training
    • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    • Job restructuring
    • Modification of physical site
    • Modified work schedule
    • Reassignment of duties
    • Needing time off to seek treatment
    • Transition to a flexible schedule
    • Short term disability
    • Needing a change to physical structure of home
    • Changes to a housing policy
    • Service dog or emotional support animal accommodation
    • Move to a different apartment at complex
    • Needing assistance with an HOA change in policy
    • Disability assistance for travel
    • Extra breaks or time for test taking
    • Exemptions from mandatory on-campus housing
    • Provisions for reading/communicating
    • Needing an assistant
    • On-campus housing accommodations
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