Difference between ESA and PSA

Emotional Support Animals (ESA)Psychiatric Service Animal (PSA)
The animal helps a psychiatric disability
Can have more than one support or service animal
Allowed in apartments and home rentals
Waives “pet” deposits and fees
Applies to HOA’s
Accommodation letter is good for a year
Can be any dog breed or size
Can be any species (cat, dog, rabbit, reptile, bird, etc.)
Dogs only
Animal can be any age
At least 1 year old
Could still be searching for an animal
Must already have the animal
Animal needs to be trained
Allowed in Hotels, AirBNB, etc
Sometimes-Check with establishment
Allowed on Domestic Airlines
JSX Airline allows ESA
Allowed in Public spaces
Not generally-Check with establishment
Animal needs to be able to pass a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test
Animal needs to be trained to recognize a change in your emotional or behavioral health
Animal needs to be trained to perform a specific task in certain situations to reduce psychiatric symptoms
Difference between ESA and PSA

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