What I charge

My flat-fee is affordable ($78) and all inclusive during the year and I do not charge extra for more than one pet. Typically, most services charge twice as much, and they may charge for each animal, item, or need. Because I don’t charge for each animal, my fee is more affordable. And in this way, I feel I can serve most Texans, regardless of the ability to afford help. Because each landlord has their own process, form, and letter, I make every effort to help you be more successful in getting the treatment you need for your Emotional Support Animal, without the added costs. I am local to Texas, and easy to get a hold of personally via email, call or text. In addition to helping people with ESA and Service Dog letters and forms, I see people for other mental health needs at my counseling practice, which improves my credibility in Texas for assisting with your assistant animal or service animal. I also help people with other types of accommodations (workplace, FMLA, short-term disability, etc). Reach out if you need any assistance in those areas. Texas ESA Emotional Support Animals of Texas emotionalsupportanimalsoftexas.com

Flat-Fee is $78

Texas ESA Emotional Support Animals of Texas emotionalsupportanimalsoftexas.com

I do not charge extra for multiple pets, forms, and follow-up conversations during the year. Below is what is included over the year so that your letter is considered a legal document:

  1. Completing forms for your landlord
  2. If you have more than one animal
  3. Follow-up appointments
  4. And, I do not charge at all if you do not qualify for and ESA or service animal, or if I may not be able to assist you with the accommodation.

*If you are needing help with living with your ESA in campus housing, the process and cost is different.

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