10/31/22Very helpful. I appreciate the time you took so that I could be able to keep my dog
10/27/22Dr. Miki Tesh reviewed all the information before contacting me. The process was thorough. She answered all questions before I even had to ask and even sent me info on how to send it to my landlord. Very much appreciated her professionalism!
10/21/22She told me a lot of information that I had not known as well as sent links so I can further read into the info more
10/16/22So wonderful, caring, attentive, and quick. Thank you for giving me this opportunity without y’all I wouldn’t have been Able to keep my baby. Thank you very much FIVE STARS!
10/14/22Professional, friendly, timely and over all good experience. thank you!
10/13/22Excellent service and support from this wonderful psychologist!! I highly recommend her to anyone.
10/8/22Very nice! & extremely helpful. Sincerely appreciate Miki Tesh!
10/6/22Very proficient!
10/5/22EVERYTHING! thank you so much !
10/4/22Easy and great to work with.
10/3/22Dr Miki Tesh made this process, helpful and uncomplicated. Thank you for your help
10/1/22Really great experience.
9/27/22You are very professional and know human hearts and animals too
9/24/22I like that I am able to explain out my circumstances for the doctor. Dr. Tesh also took the financial stress out of this process by offering a fair price. Everything you need is on her website and she’s readily available as well.
9/21/22I am so thankful for you. You are so sweet, kind and caring. I can’t thank you enough.

9/12/22 The doctor was very professional and helpful.
9/8/22 Very friendly and welcoming. Explains the process where it’s easy to understand and available when needed. Thank you for everything.
9/7/22 Efficient very professional
9/6/22 wonderful service, quick responses.
9/1/22 Very understanding and so nice.
8/25/22 Dr. Tesh was easy to talk to, and I felt as tho I was important to her and she listened well. Dr. Tesh responded quickly and I did not have to wait at all! Thank you.
8/22/22 Very pleasant to talk with
8/20/22 The whole experience was very friendly & welcoming. Thank you so much.
8/19/22 I searched several options before choosing Dr. Tesh, PhD, LCSW. Her website gave me all the information and answers to my questions in a very honest manner in the way that I understood I was making a declaration that my pets were for emotional support and it was not a certification. This being said, she understood how important it was to me. She promised quick response, a personal phone call, and delivery of a letter of proof and ALL of that was truly fulfilled. Thank you Dr. Tesh for a very wonderful conversation with you and I will wholly recommend you to anyone in need of your excellent service to such an important issue of the necessity of Emotional Support Animals (ESA).
8/18/22 Mrs. Tesh is just an absolute wonderful person. You can tell she really cares about people and their needs.
8/16/22 Great service! Would recommend!
8/11/22 Patiently and actively listened to my concerns
8/10/22 Thank you so much for being so kind and helpful.
8/6/22 Very comfortable made the experience easy and made me feel less anxious about reaching out
8/6/22 Highly recommended ❤️❤️
8/5/22 😊 Thank you so very much. Very satisfied with quality of services.
8/3/22 Out of all the years that I have been in contact with doctors for my mental health, Dr. Tesh has got to be the most pleasant encounter I’ve ever had. Thank you SO much.
8/3/22 Very direct and pleasant experience! Further instructions were greatly detailed and I felt comfortable knowing my information is with a trusted counselor.
8/1/22 Great service you are providing thank you so much!
7/29/22 Very good work of helping me with my support Dog requirement. She also is very willing to help with any problems I might encounter with Little Buddy. She and this process I was very pleased, I highly recommend Dr. Tesh for your Support Animal needs,
7/23/22 She was great! A big help.
7/21/22 The whole thing was very professional and very supportive!
7/21/22 I would use this again and recommend it to everybody
7/17/22 She is so kind.
7/15/22 Thank you so much for helping me and for being so quick to help me and making the process easy on my anxiety.
7/15/22 Everything was so helpful!
7/14/22 Thank you so much for your help!!
7/12/22 Miki was nice and helped me with everything I needed
7/8/22 Smooth process and quick turnaround
7/8/22 Thank you very much for all the pages and information that I consult on the internet, you inspired me a lot of confidence and when I listen to you I know that I was not mistaken. I appreciate your good attitude knowing that I did not speak English.
7/7/22 I had a great experience with Dr. Tesh. Her form was easy to understand and provided information so that I better understand my mental well-being. With it being telehealth it makes the process very accessible. I appreciate all the help.
7/2/22 Great experience, very helpful, will definitely recommend to others.
6/28/22 Miki was great! I was able to receive help in a super timely manner and Miki was very informative and helpful.
6/22/22 no troubles, made me feel comfortable when taking the assessment intake.
6/12/22 Everything was perfect!
6/11/22 Awesome!
6/8/22 thank you so much !!💖💖
6/8/22 Super nice and fast! Definitely recommend!!
6/8/22 Very attentive and respectful.
6/6/22 She made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions.
6/3/22 Thank you so much for making this so easy for me! It was so comforting to see your page with you and your dog; knowing you were in Texas made it better as well. I appreciate you doing this for neurodivergent people such as myself. My dog also says thank you! 😊
6/2/22 Knowledge, reliable, and fast work! The only website that offers ESA documents that was easy to read and understand. I love how she has the steps laid out and what I needed to expect from her and also my leasing office. Thank you so much!
6/2/22 very professional and understanding
6/1/22 Great customer service and expedient work.
5/31/22 Miki is awesome. She was able to understand my needs & limitations for needing an ESA dog. Miki was very quick in getting letter sent out. I will be using Miki going forward.
5/29/22 Wonderful experience!
5/25/22 You made all this process so effortless.
5/21/22 Super helpful and pleasure to speak with 5/21/22 A pleasure to speak with. Thanks again! I appreciate your help, and straightforward pricing and info on your website!
5/19/22 She addressed everything I needed to help me.
5/16/22 This process went smoothly and Miki was very helpful!
5/14/22 Great service so far, thank you for being so kind.
5/12/22 The process to provide history and background was so organized and professional. She called and was so nice and answered any question you had. I received my letter quickly. She encourages you to reach out if you need any help. I was a bundle of nerves waiting for the call but after, a weight was lifted off. I am so thankful.
5/11/22 She was very understanding and helpful which eased my anxieties and made it an all around pleasant experience. Thank you so much!
5/9/22 She was so kind and I really appreciate her and everything she did to help
5/8/22 Thank you sooo much for your help.
5/4/22 I appreciated the process.
4/30/22 works great!
4/29/22 She was amazing
4/29/22 I really appreciate your service! You come across as being very genuine and transparent and it is very refreshing.
4/28/22 The best
4/27/22 She was super friendly and helpful!
4/23/22 She is amazing!
4/22/22 Very considerate and straightforward process. Thank you!
4/13/22 I had a great experience with Dr. Miki Tesh helping us with our emotional support animals. The flat price for multiple animals is what first got my attention, but her kindness and understanding really impressed me. Will definitely recommend her to others! Thank you 🙂
4/13/22 Very kind and informative!
4/11/22 you were very kind. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my questions. Best,
4/10/22 Her overall supportive and sympathetic attitude towards our very genuine issue of getting an ESA for our daughter. She also provided us other resources to seek help for our daughter.
4/9/22 I truly appreciate you giving me a call in advance and for helping me thank you
4/8/22 I love how personable Dr.Tesh is and that she takes your disabilities and talks to you as a person.
4/4/22 Easy to talk to and very helpful!
3/25/22 Thank you so much you have no idea how much this means for me.
3/17/22 Outstanding communication and service!
3/16/22 Things were great! Thank you so much!
3/11/22 Thank you!
3/5/22 Thank you so much 💗
3/3/22 Miki was so nice and kind. Highly recommend.
2/28/22 Very professional.
2/26/22 She was very attentive and was able to comfort my sons well being promptly thank you
2/23/22 This was an extremely user friendly process and she was very polite when I spoke to her.
2/23/22 You are a very compassionate person, and we do appreciate that!
2/18/22 This process was very clear. talking with Dr. Tesh went smoothly, she responds very quickly to my emails. She answered all my questions as well as having a very calming tone when speaking with me which helped my nervousness. I hope more people in Texas can find her for their needs.
2/17/22 Painless process. Thank you so much for being available for future questions as well.
2/17/22 Very nice & pleasant to talk to
2/16/22 Dr. Tesh is amazing!
2/16/22 Very nice and understanding:)
2/10/22 Everything was great
2/8/22 Ease of process
1/31/22 No complaints! Would definitely recommend her services to anyone I know who may need a support animal.
1/28/22 Very polite and professional, thank you for everything.
1/27/22 Miki was very friendly and helped ease my anxiety regarding keeping my pet. Now, I will not have problems with the landlord. Thank you for your understanding and support.
1/25/22 Professionalism, courteous and made it easy to contact her if further information is needed. Appreciated the excellent service provided by Dr. Miki Tesh.
1/23/22 Very understanding of our needs. Dr Tesh’s professionalism and compassion were very clear. Thank you again for your help.
1/23/22 Thank you for making this process stress free!
1/21/22 Easy to talk to
1/19/22 EVERYTHING WAS GREAT! Sweet lady
1/17/22 Everything was very helpful and fantastic thank you very much.
1/17/22 Dr. Tesh was extremely patient and quick to respond.
1/15/22 It was very pleasant. Thank you so much.
1/14/22 Thank you for not making it stressful whatsoever.
1/7/22 Perfect assistance
1/7/22 Very professional , Thank you so much for your caring spirit, Most of all I thank God for you, may the Lord continue to bless you and you continue to prosper
1/4/22 She was super sweet and caring❤️ I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing to keep their pets with them to help them!
1/3/22 Her questionnaire was well laid out and easy to answer the questions. Dr. Tesh was so nice on the phone and made me feel very comfortable. Thank you for making this a stress-free process.
12/31/21 Miki was very understanding of my needs and respectful, I loved taking the time to talk to her and how she says to please continue to keep in contact for any other issues. Top Notch
12/15/21 Dr. Tesh genuinely cares! Efficient and very knowledgeable.
12/14/21 Best ways to describe how I felt through this process even tho I was nervous.☺️👍🏽
12/14/21 Perfect communication!
12/14/21 Thank you so much for helping me..
12/13/21 Thank you so much for all your help
12/10/21 Everything was so professional the doctor was very polite and answered all my questions. I will definitely be sending you referrals!!
12/9/21 Thank you for making this process calm and affordable! My family and I appreciate it so much
12/6/21 Wonderful service, thanks Doc!
12/6/21 Quick to respond, friendly, professional, helpful, and straight forward!
12/4/21 I am very grateful for the time and help I received all my questions and concerns were answered promptly and I am very satisfied with the quality of service was provided and I will definitely recommend your service
12/2/21 Very easy-going and comfortable environment. The customer service is top notch and I was assured that I will be well taken care of with any other questions or needed documents in the future.
12/1/21 Very understanding and very professional thanks
11/26/21 Dr. Tesh was incredibly patient, compassionate and thorough. Painless process and protected my privacy.
11/23/21 Very responsive to an ESA letter request that involved Dr. Tesh working with two people coordinating two phone calls and emails. Excellent service.
11/19/21 It was a prompt, professional, stressfree discussion.
11/18/21 Is the best
11/17/21 Super professional. I can’t stress enough how helpful Dr. Tesh is.
11/17/21 Great knowledge and awesome experience.
11/16/21 Very professional and kind provider paired with a user-friendly process, and affordable service. Thank you for what you do!
11/15/21 Outstanding customer service
11/13/21 A very pleasant experience.
11/12/21 Very friendly and informative.
11/11/21 Very nice and understanding.
11/11/21 I can be hard to follow and have a hard time following. Thanks for you patience.
11/11/21 Everything was great!
11/11/21 Very Helpful
11/6/21 She was so friendly and this was a very smooth process!
11/5/21 All around a really nice person with a very calming voice and super friendly nature. Definitely eliminated the stress about the process of obtaining an esa letter. Most definitely will and would recommend.
11/5/21 Everything
11/3/21 Extremely polite, understanding, and a wonderful person to work with. Would absolutely recommend to others, 10/10.
11/2/21 Miki is great! Murphy and I are very thankful for her support and assistance in getting an ESA letter. Can’t thank her enough!
11/1/21 Very friendly and courteous. She listened carefully and took her time to make sure I didn’t have any more questions. She was professional and friendly.
10/27/21 Micki is Great I would recommend you use her She listen an on point about everything.. Thanks Again for helping me ❤️
10/26/21 Miki is an amazing person. I didn’t feel judged at all when talking about myself or my animals. She was incredibly helpful and empathetic. I’m going to tell everyone I know about her, no one should be forced to lose their ESA pet because of a move. Thank you Miki!
10/25/21 Friendly ready to answer any questions and help further with filling out the form the apartments asked for.
10/24/21 She is so friendly, and super fast in providing documents! Thank you
10/21/21 Thank you so much! This was a big help!
10/21/21 Everything was perfect!
10/14/21 the phone call was professional, and direct.
10/14/21 Very direct process.
10/14/21 Thank you so much. Such a relief finding someone legit.
10/12/21 Great experience will recommend..
10/12/21 efficiency and effectiveness
10/8/21 Very nice and understanding
10/8/21 Very nice and understanding
10/8/21 Attention to concerns.
10/3/21 Dr. Tesh was so sweet! She understood all my needs and she helped me understand all the questions I had about an ESA Letter. She was amazing and I will definitely be referring her to my family and friends with ESA help! Thank you.
10/1/21 A saint
9/30/21 Provider took my hearing into consideration and was able to help me via text to help alleviate anxiety with talking on the phone. Ten out of five stars. Loved them.
9/4/21 Miki is “Awesome.” She exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend her services.

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